Answers to common Nevada adoption questions
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Answers to common Nevada adoption questions

| Dec 1, 2020 | Family Law

Adoption allows families to grow by providing permanent homes for children who do not have birth parents available to do so. Those considering adoption must research a range of options, such as private adoption through an agency, international adoption, domestic adoption and adoption through the Nevada foster care system. 

Review the answers to common legal questions families about adopting a child in Nevada. 

Who can adopt in Nevada?

Nevada does not discriminate against prospective adoptive parents based on race, religion, work status, home ownership or income. Families can adopt whether or not they already have other children in the home. In addition, both single individuals and married couples can adopt in Nevada. The adoptive parent must be at least age 21 and 10 or more years older than the adoptive child. 

What does the process entail?

While the process of adoption varies by agency, generally Nevada families will go through these steps: 

  • An orientation and adoption preparation course 
  • Home study 
  • Matching with a child who is available for adoption 
  • Placement of the child in the family 
  • Legal completion of the adoption 
  • Post-placement support and supervision for six to 12 months 

What types of adoption are available?

Nevada recognizes: 

  • Open adoptions in which the adoptive parents and birth parents share information with one another, including an agreed-upon amount of identifying information (name, exact geographic location, etc.) 
  • Semi-open adoptions in which the birth parents may select and meet the adoptive family, but do not receive their identifying information 
  • Traditional adoptions in which an agency or the state matches a child with an adoptive family and no information flows between the birth and adoptive parents 
  • Semi-traditional adoptions in which the birth parents may select the adoptive parents by reviewing home studies but do not meet them in person 

Individuals and couples considering adoption should thoroughly explore all options to find the best solution for their family.